Grobeco: "We are very satisfied about the regenerator and the accompanying software."

How long has Grobeco BV been using the Energic Plus battery regenerator? 
Grobeco has been using the Energic Plus battery regenerator since  May 2015.

Are you satisfied with the functionalities and the usability of the device and software?
We are very satisfied about the regenerator and the accompanying software. The software is regularly updated although some improvement could still be made, such as the integration of the setting values (currently still in a separate Excel-file). The reporting of the BMS in a PDF-file can also go back to 3-minute steps as far as we are concerned.

How many batteries did you rejuvenate already?
That must have been approximately 60 batteries so far.

Can you estimate the annual savings or the number of batteries that you didn’t ha​ve to replace (for yourself and your customers) since you​'ve been using the battery regenerator?
We regenerate a lot for customers. And of course our own stock of batteries is always regenerated. After regeneration we usually see a good gain in capacity, but of course batteries occasionally fall short. An estimated 50% of the batteries can be used to satisfactory extent again, 20% can be used for low-duty activities and 30% have to be scrapped.

What do you think of the overall results so far? 
We are pleased with the results so far. It is often very useful to get a complete view of the battery, per cell and under load over a longer period. As a result, any repair can be carried out in an oriented manner and even the smallest problems are exposed. By simply running the discharge programme first, we already obtain an idea of the condition of the battery and we can assess if it is worth performing the regeneration. The discharge programme can be set in such a way that the actual conditions  of use of a battery can be simulated. All in all a very complete device.