What should I do when charging batteries?

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If you are interested in battery regeneration and charging batteries, there are some issues to keep in mind. 

Always check the electrolyte level before recharging batteries. If the battery has been outside in cold weather, make sure that the battery is not frozen before recharging it. If the electrolyte is covering the top of the plates, do not add more water. Recheck the fluid level after the battery has been recharged. If water is added, use distilled water, not tap water. 

When vent plugs may need adjustment, follow manufacturers' instructions carefully. 
If the battery has sealed vents, do not recharge the battery with a current greater than 25 amps. 

To reduce the possibility of explosions, follow the recommendations of the recharger manufacturer for attaching and removing cables and for operating the equipment properly. Generally, this includes unplugging or turning off the charger before connecting or disconnecting the clamp connections. Carefully attach the clamps to the battery with the proper polarity (positive [+] clamp, usually red, to the positive terminal and negative (-) clamp, usually black, to the negative terminal). 

Ensure that area is ventilated when the batteries are being charged. If the battery becomes hot or if the electrolyte spits out from the vent, turn off the recharger temporarily. Resume recharging using a lower current or charging rate.

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