Portable battery discharger & Battery Monitoring System (BMS-system)

Battery monitoring system
  • Battery monitoring system
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  • battery monitoring system
  • lead acid battery monitoring system
Battery voltageDischarge current
20-40 V0-75 A
40-60 V0-150 A

A Battery Monitoring System and a load bank go together. A load bank is designed to discharge batteries with a precisely controlled current - adjustable from zero to the maximum rated value - while keeping the battery voltage under control.
The control board measures the total capacity (Ah) discharged from the battery while the individual cell voltages are constantly monitored during the complete discharge cycle by the included
wireless voltage modules. A battery charger can be connected to the discharge system, this way the voltage of each cell can be monitored during both discharge and charge.

Battery monitoring system (BMS-system)

With the supplied battery monitoring system software you can now easily detect which element is no longer keeping its charge and needs to be replaced or regenerated. All data is automatically stored in the built-in memory and can be consulted on the 5.7” LCD touchscreen or transferred to your computer via USB. With this package you will have all the tools you need to analyze your batteries up to cell level and generate detailed reports. This tool is a professional piece of equipment used to measure your batteries’ capacity and detect bad cells. Furthermore it is user-friendly and doesn’t
require any particular training.

Features battery monitoring system and discharger

• Very compact & light-weight unit, extremely suitable for on-site capacity testing.
• Supplied in a strong and mobile flightcase that can easily be taken everywhere.
• 5.7 inch LCD touchscreen for easy operation and display of various parameters in real-time.
• Internal memory: saves each test result automatically and protects data.
• Can be programmed with up to 8 sets of test parameters, speeding up test set-up and performance.
• Supports real-time monitoring with a PC or stores data internally for later transfer via USB.
• PC software included for detailed analysis of test results and generation of reports.
• Wireless voltage modules included for individual voltage monitoring of each battery cell.

REF 144TA7479

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