Battery regenerator

Established in 2003 and based near Ghent, Belgium, Energic Plus is part of the TVH Group, a global leader in the area of material handling and industrial vehicle aftermarkets. Among the company’s numerous engineering activities, Energic Plus is addressing a trend that’s taking place across several different industries that sees the replacement of lead-acid batteries as they reach the end of their lifespan. 

Satisfied customers who bought the battery regenerator

The Energic Replus battery regenerator is the perfect solution to maintain a big fleet of electric lift trucks. With the Replus technology, the batteries of the lift trucks remain in an optimal state. That way, the battery always performs at its maximum capacity.

10 years Energic Plus®

2013 is a festive year: the renowned brand Energic Plus® exists 10 years. Energic Plus® supplies batteries, battery chargers and accessories for lift trucks and other industrial vehicles. For this 10th anniversary we bring out a brand-new catalogue containing all Energic Plus® products. 

Battery regenerator demonstration

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