lead acid batteries

Wear splash-proof goggles and protective clothing (gloves and aprons). A face shield may also be necessary when handling sulphuric acid in an open system.

Battery regeneration energic plus

If you are interested in battery regeneration and charging batteries, there are some issues to keep in mind. Always check the electrolyte level before recharging batteries.

Battery Regeneration Tcell Energic Plus

Tcell will use our battery regeneration equipment to analyse and restore VRLA-batteries.

lead acid batteries

Lead-acid batteries contain sulphuric acid and only trained and authorized personnel should handle them.

Energic Plus Battery Regenerator

There is now an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient alternative to disposing of lead-acid batteries when they reach their end of life.

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Energic Plus Battery Regenerator

Energic Plus is exporting to all corners of the world, our highly-trained technical staff are becoming true Globetrotters with recent sales in countries like Brazil, Russia, Tajikistan, Greece, Serbia, UK, Nigeria, Djibouti, New Zealand, Australia, India and Bangladesh.

Battery regenerator and maintenance Energic Plus

Energic plus appoints a new dealer for our battery regeneration equipment in the largest country in Africa, Algeria. 

The company Powerboost has been our partner for many years and now the time has come to intensify our cooperation. 

Energic Plus battery regeneration and maintenance brochure

Energic Plus launches the Russian version of the Battery Regeneration and Maintenance brochure. Download the brochure to get a clear overview of our maintenance range. With our REPLUS technology you can give your batteries a second life!

Energic Plus Battery regenerator at Electric and hybrid marine world expo

Energic Plus participates in the Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo in Amsterdam. Visit us from 23 to 25 June 2015. You can meet us at booth 4100